A Different Breed of Track Coach

What is a Professional Track Coach?

It's more than just being a fundamentally good driver or “Pro”.

We apply our Special Operations training and experience to offer a multi faceted approach to Track coaching and Driver development


Our Lead Instructor, a Former Special Operations Selection and
Assessment Cadre trained to push Human beings to their Mental and Physical limits and beyond. With knowledge and specialized training to recognize each individual's own limit and operate within that range to optimize training and results. Allowing students to work on the edge of their limits; safety and under the watchful eye of a trained Professional. 


Extensive Mechanical knowledge partnered with Special Operations Training allow us to not only assist you as a driver, but potentially help save you or your car from unnecessary damage from a multitude of
issues including mechanical, personals, Cognitive Overload and more.


Heavily Trained in Special Operations Battlefield Trauma and Spec Ops First responder Certified Tested in Life or Death situations and Proven on the actual battlefield Trained in emergency medicine and EMT-B Tactics beyond even what local Track Medical Staff are certified for. Trained in recognition and remediation of Heat Stroke and other Track related Medical dangers.

Stress management-

When on track; even at a normal track day it can be life or death. Our instructors are trained to recognize the signs of Mental Limiting, Cognitive Overload, and other precursors to panic or shock due to being in a stressful environment.

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HPDE Progression Service - HPDEAcademy


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